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We’ve broken down the frequently asked questions into sections to make it easier to navigate.For questions that relate directly to the Meijer Slush Cup or the Meijer Sno Cone please follow the appropriate link below. If you have a question that is not answered in this section, please email icemaninfo@iceman.com and we will get back to you.
Square Photo of Packet Pick Up with Packet Pick up text and Hyperlink to Packet Pick Up information

Square Photo of Start line with Start text and Hyperlink to Start Line information

Square Photo of Finish line with Finish text and Hyperlink to Finish Line information

Square Photo of Riders on the Course with Course text and Hyperlink to Course information

Square Photo of Award medals with Awards text and Hyperlink to Awards & Results

Photo of Penske Trucks with Parking and Shuttles text hyperlinked to Parking and Transportation information

Photo of bike repair with text of Course Safety hyperlinked to Course Safety information

Photo of Grand Traverse Resort with text Where to Stay hyperlinked to an accommodations page

Photo of the trail with sponsor banners and Sponsor overlay text. Hyperlinked to Sponsor information page

Photo of Bell's Beer with After Parties text, linked to page on After Parties Location and Information

Photo of rider at finish with Future Years' Info text overlay. linked to page on information for future years.

Photo of Rider with Waves as text overlay linked to page on Wave Placement and Start times

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