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Finish Line

Timber Ridge Resort

Finish Line Venue

Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort has earned its reputation as Traverse City’s premiere outdoor recreation destination. It hosts the mid-winter relay triathlon Ice3, a cross-country skiing endurance event such as the VASA, a spring trail run through the woods like Run the Ridge, or the incomparable Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge. Timber Ridge has proven through the years to incorporate elements of all Northern Michigan’s four seasons.

It’s not only Timber Ridge Resort’s location that has made it the unequivocal favorite for events but also the myriad of amenities the resort provides year round that has made it a beloved destination for vacationers. Timber Ridge offers cabins, cottages, park homes, and yurts for guests to enjoy in addition to their newly upgraded RV campsites. They have their own mountain biking, hiking, groomed and lit Nordic and snowshoe trails abutting the Pere Marquette State Forest and the VASA trail. Timber Ridge is conveniently located on the East side of town, which means you are never more than minutes away from the adventure of your choice.

Bell’s Beer at Timber Ridge Resort

Timber Ridge Foundation’s special event liquor license does not allow for alcoholic beverages to pass in or out of the secured area that defines the Celebration Zone. (The fencing around the northern part of Timber Ridge’s campground delineates the perimeter of the Celebration Zone). That means that alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted to be brought into the Celebration Zone.

Don’t worry there will be plenty of Bell’s libations available for purchase within the Celebration Zone! Proceeds of the beer sales benefit the Timber Ridge Foundation. The Foundation supports AC Paws, TART Trails, Inc., and numerous local athletic teams and charities.

It also means that open cups of draft Bell’s Beer may not be taken outside of the gated area. Security personnel will be present at all three entrances of the Celebration Zone to enforce these rules.

For this year’s event, we have adjusted the entrance/ exit spots to enhance the foot traffic flow. Please respect the perimeter fencing’s function and do not cut-through, climb-over, tip-over or rearrange the fencing.

Registered guests of Timber Ridge Resort are allowed to have open containers at their designated campsites. Thank you in advance for your compliance with these simple rules.

Food In The BISSELL Celebration Zone

The BISSELL Celebration Zone has something for everyone, and that includes your hungry toddler. Everyone has a favorite recovery snack, and we’re cranking that into a full meal! From BBQ to sandwiches, coffee, and cookies; we’ve got you covered. Expect to see a few additions before race day so make sure you take a look at all your options!

2023 Food Vendors:

  • Cordwood BBQ
  • Sparks BBQ
  • Daily Blend
  • Why Knot Pretzels
  • Espresso Bay

Chilled? Take A Shower!

That’s right, we are making a guarantee on the weather for the day of the event. Showers.
No more, “it’s supposed to be sunny and 55 degrees or hopefully we’ll have snow, it could rain, maybe a little light freezing drizzle”....but showers are a certainty again this year.

For all Meijer Sno-Cone, Meijer Slush Cup and Bell’s Iceman Cometh Challenge riders who would like to warm up and put some dry clothes on before enjoying the rest of the afternoon’s festivities, we have a solution! Hot steaming showers!! There’s nothing quite like being dirty and sweaty or soaked and chilled to the bone and knowing that a hot shower is right around the corner.

Two semi-tractor trailers containing 16 private shower stalls each will be located right outside the Celebration Zone in rider services. We’ll have 32 showers for men. The ladies will be commandeering the entire North bath house facilities for their showers and changing area.

If you want to use Timber Ridge Resort’s South bath house showers (and maybe avoid the lines) just be sure to bring some quarters as the showers require about $2.00 for an eight minute good hot steaming. Towels are also highly recommended if you’re planning on using either shower facility.

Information Tent

Holly Behrens and Joe Bottenhorn have their fingers on the pulse of the BISSELL Celebration Zone and can help direct you wherever you want to go! Holly & Joe have been manning the Information Tent for many years so they know all “the ins and outs” of the finish line operations. “Iceman changes things up on us but ultimately we figure out the madness to his method. We help set-up each year and that really helps us get a feel for the flow of the place before the crowds arrive” says Joe.
In addition to fielding location questions, Holly and Joe keep busy charging phones throughout the day, and helping lost parents reconnect with their children. Have a question? See Holly & Joe in the bright red Info Tent.

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