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Vendor Directory

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Check-out who is at the 2023 Ice Cycle Expo!!!

Hover over your favorite vendor to see where you can find them in the expo hall or click visit to go directly to their website and shop their wares and services.
Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy
Booth 34
Bikeflights Bikeflights
Booth 30
Boeshield T-9 Boeshield T-9
Booth 49
Brick Wheels Brick Wheels
Booth 16
Bryant Wilson - State Farm Bryant Wilson - State Farm
Booth 9
City Bike Shop City Bike Shop
Booth 14
Cross Country Cycle/BC Wheels Cross Country Cycle/BC Wheels
Booth 56
Cross Country Ski HQ Cross Country Ski HQ
Booth 50
Cycle Fit Cycle Fit
Booth 35
Daylight Brand Daylight Brand
Booth 20
Donkey Label Donkey Label
Booth 42
Einstein Cycles Einstein Cycles
Booth 22
Ron's Beans Ron's Beans
Booth 57
Gluo Composites Gluo Composites
Booth 2
High Five Threads / Great Lakes Proud High Five Threads / Great Lakes Proud
Booth 11
HNM Wellness HNM Wellness
Booth 48
DeFeet International DeFeet International
Booth 4
KOM Cycling KOM Cycling
Booth 38
Kuat Kuat
Booth 3
McLain McLain
Booth 45
MuskOx Flannels MuskOx Flannels
Booth 32
Orange Mud Orange Mud
Booth 31
Otso Cycles Otso Cycles
Booth 54
PowerPlus Mouthguard PowerPlus Mouthguard
Booth 12
RevIVe & Restore IV Hydration RevIVe & Restore IV Hydration
Booth 19
Wolf Tooth Components Wolf Tooth Components
Booth 55
Playa Bowls Playa Bowls
Booth 51
Pow-Well Taping / Ride Science Pow-Well Taping / Ride Science
Booth 46
Slica Slica
Booth 59
Smart Athlete Fuel Smart Athlete Fuel
Booth 36
Studio 13 Studio 13
Booth 39
Suttons Bay Bikes Suttons Bay Bikes
Booth 37
Tourism Sault Ste. marie Tourism Sault Ste. marie
Booth 21
Van Do It Van Do It
Booth 1
Timber Ridge Resort Timber Ridge Resort
Booth 33


Don't forget about our amazing sponsors who make this event possible.

For easy wayfinding, you can find all your favorite Iceman brands in Sponsor Row as you enter Governors' Hall! However, some sponsors may be found elsewhere like Bell's Beer, located next to packet pick-up.
4Front Credit Union 4Front Credit Union
Bell's Bell's
Bell's Bar
Trek Trek
Sponsor Row
Subaru Subaru
Sponsor Row
Borah Teamwear Borah Teamwear
Sponosr Row
Cambium Analytica Cambium Analytica
Sponosr Row
Booth 40
Skratch Labs Skratch Labs
Sponsor Row
Brady's Bar Brady's Bar
Booth 13
Nature & Me RV Nature & Me RV
Booth 18
Wild Card Cycle Works Wild Card Cycle Works
Booth 28
7Brew 7Brew
Booth 26
Tekton Tekton
Booth 24
Forward Inking Forward Inking
Booth 11


And where would the Mountian Biking Community be without our amazing non-profit organizations.

Stop in and say hi to them in the mezzanine on your way in or out of the Ice Cycle Expo.
Leauge of Michigan Bicylists Leauge of Michigan Bicylists
Mezzanine - Booth B
Mezzanine - Booth C
Norte Norte
Mezzanie - Booth D
Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association
Mezzanine - Booth E
James Musil Memorial Foundation James Musil Memorial Foundation
Mezzanine - Booth F
Cherry Capital Cycling Cherry Capital Cycling
Mezzanine - Booth G
Tris4Health Tris4Health
Mezzanine - Booth H
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