Place Bib Name Dockery Williamsburg Zebra 5 Min Total
Waiting for event to start.
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4689 Delete
1759 I bailed before Williams Rd. I told a soldier but wanted to make sure you knew. Can you let me know that you saw this? Delete
Hales Delete
Got it tim Delete
Williams Delete
Ty schmidt Delete
Schwartz Delete
A bit about my experience today , Delete
My time shows 3 minutes slower than it should be. Delete
It’s not showing that i finished when I for sure did! Delete
Will times be adjusted for starting in a later wave? Delete
Ya, that shuttle system cheated so many folks this year. I hope they address it. Not to mention the 45min pile up in the mud. Delete
No signage for SAG bag drop-off, they weren't Penske trucks but random and people were wandering around without signage not knowing where to go. Delete
The shuttle backup was ridiculous. 1 1/2 hour plus wait when last year was under a half hour. I started almost 45 minutes late. Also hiked over an hour in the mud. Kudos to everyone who pushed through this year. Delete
How can you see your vawe results? If this is possible... Delete
How can you see your wave results? If this is possible... Delete
Lost my black iPhone XR somewhere between 10-15miles. If anyone finds it can they call my friend Andy 231-838-2298 Delete
@Greg, did you have it in airplane mode? If not, use the Find My iPhone app from someone else's phone and it'll give you precise GPS where it is currently or was last seen if it died. Delete
I ended up having to go in Wave 15 instead of 10 due to the traffic jam being stuck on the bus. Will they adjust our times???? I hope so. Delete
Couldn't remember my apple password and got myself locked out - so unless someone turns in the phone it's probably a loss Delete
Started in a later wave because of fiasco. Please update times to reflect this. Delete
Bus fiasco that is ⬆️ Waited 1.5 hours for the bus from elementary school only to get put in a later wave, yet I shouldn’t get docked for this?? Please update 1st leg time... Delete
I waited an hour at the muddy single track after Dockery and decided to pack it in. Is there any plan to do something about this for next year? Delete
Meh, the mud is part of it, this why I'm not complaining, lost valuable time but so did most of everyone in the middle of the race. The shuttle disaster however... Delete
Yeah I lost my wahoo element computer out there.... Delete
Lost my License in the Fun Zone....if any found it please let me know or i hope that someone turned it in to lost and found. Rob Frank Delete
Hurray - someone turned my phone in - if anyone knows who did I’d love to send them a thank you Delete
Hi is there anyone I can talk to about adjusting my time? It’s incorrect! Delete
Starting at the airport was much better for the race itself, sorting things out better before the single track. Next year, everyone will plan to get to the start sooner, given the tricky logistics of everyone filing in at once. Kind of like .. a real airport. Delete
If anyone found a cheap helmet and some castelli pro scalda (red) gloves on the side of the street at williamsburg - please msg me. Delete