Date: November 03, 2018, 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM EDT
Address: Fairgrounds Rd, South of the Kaliseum, Kalkaska

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  • Kalkaska County Civic Center
    Fairgrounds Rd, South of the Kaliseum
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    Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge

    The transfer deadline was in mid-October.  Transferred are no longer allowed. 

    Kurt R.

    I have a registration that I can't use.  Would like to see someone be able to use it if a transfer is possible.  Same as John A - how can we make this happen? 

    Lyndsay E.

    Hello! I would love to pick up a transfer as Im not registered for the race!

    Charlie K.

    I have a friend who has to back out—is it too late for me to take his spot?.


    john a.

    Also looking to pick up a transfer. I know someone looking to get rid of a transfer. How can we make this happen?


    Len Radwanski

    Any chance on getting into ICEMAN 2018 on a late transfer?  I have a coworker interested in riding.

    Steve P.

    are we able to register for the race?


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