Date: November 07, 2015 - 09:00 AM EST
Location: Downtown Kalkaska
Address: Kalkaska, MI, 49646

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  • Downtown Kalkaska
    Kalkaska, MI 49646
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    Jay Adams

    Just called, talked to Nancy, and got a huge old "nope" on the availability of a last minute transfer.  So, game over kids, don't waste your time trying to call for a transfer this weekend.  Guess I ride Glacial Hills and then go drink beer :-)

    Robert G.

    I have a paid registration that I would Transfer if it is still possible!


    Let me know

    Rob (

    Marshall Randall

    This is at the top of this screen - The registration transfer deadline for this event has passed.-- so no more transfers?



    Paul Borden

    So apparently,  you have to call , to try for a transfer?  I called three times , went right to voice mail... I'll try again tomorrow. ...thank Corey. ..

    Don Fogler

    Looking to get Into the Iceman.

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