2017 Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge
2015 Specialized Rockhopper
Dockery 0:43:50 Overall: 3360th of 4405
Men 43: 98th of 120
Williamsburg 2:01:05 Overall: 3411th of 4405
Men 43: 100th of 120
Zebra 3:03:43 Overall: 3424th of 4405
Men 43: 100th of 120
5 Min 3:40:20 Overall: 3419th of 4405
Men 43: 99th of 120
Finish 3:43:14
Overall Men 43
3421st of 4405 99th of 120
Past Iceman Results
Event - Class Place Time
2017 Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge - Men 43 99th of 120 3:43:14
2008 Specialized Sequoia and 2015 Specialized Rockhopper
Favorite Bells Beers:
Gym, Biking, Running, and Boating
Real Life Aspirations:
Be able to run a 5k when im 70 years old.
Favorite Places to Ride:
TART Trails
About me:

I work and live in Traverse City and strive to stay active by biking, running, and working out at a local gym. I love summer and despise winter. If its sunny and above 75 degrees...see you at the beach.