• 2019 Iceman, what I did wrong
  • Mark E Olen

    The mud man

    Is repeat of  2014 "but" little worse for some people "But" that's what Michigan weather is unpredictable yuck for 2019...Read more
  • Mark E Olen


    This is going to be the  best  iceman  ever  can't  wait oorah...Read more
  • Robert M.

    Free spot

    My spots available I had back surgery and elbow surgery. So whoever wants it first come first serve I don’t know how to transfer so if you could help me out with that that be great. I emailed iceman and they never got back...Read more
  • jake bee

    What's a "good gear ratio"

    It's been some time since I've had a chance to race this event and the 1 year I did it I had a handful of drivetrain issues.  Being new to the mountain bike scene and hearing that this was the race to be a part of I decided to enter.  Little did I know at the time, but sand and dirt and mud wreak havoc on a drivetrain; something I was unfamiliar with being a roadie.  Long story short, my front derailleur stopped working about 1/4 of the way through the race and the rear got bumped by a fellow rider rendering my highest 4-5 gears useless, so I started playing with riding a single speed.  It's been an exciting 4.5 years of SS-ing it out.  So the question I would have for the experienced Icenman racers out there is what gear ratio have you felt is most beneficial at this location.  I know preference is a big key between mashing or spinning it out.  Any input is welcomed!


    ...Read more
  • Art


    Help. How do I get into the Strata page to record activities?...Read more
  • peter jackson

    Sports Betting Tips That You Must Know

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    ...Read more
  • Mark E Olen

    trail condition

    anybody know the trail condition after all the rain so far...Read more
  • Eli Brown

    need a sweet place to stay?

    nice cabin near Timber Ridge for rent

    ...Read more
  • Bell's Iceman and CLIF Bar annouce the Niceman Awards

    Bell's Iceman and CLIF Bar annouce the Niceman Awards

    In 100 words or less, nominate a person or a group in the comments below.  Iceman will select three recipients for the CLIF Bar Niceman awards which will be announced at the podium on race day.  Winners will each receive $300...Read more