Bell's Iceman and CLIF Bar annouce the Niceman Awards

In 100 words or less, nominate a person or a group in the comments below.  Iceman will select three recipients for the CLIF Bar Niceman awards which will be announced at the podium on race day.  Winners will each receive $300 to donate to the charity of their choice, a custom CLIF Bar product order, and CLIF swag.  

James M.

I'd like to nominate Holy Spokes in Lake Orion, MI. They are a great family-owned non-profit in the community who takes care of the community in many ways...through their recycled bike program, donating rebuilt bikes to people in need, and guiding riders along the way to improving their not only their biking skills and endurance, but also their bike maintenance skills. They are a true gem in the community.

Lori Lynch

I would like to nominate Holy Spokes as well. They are a good group of people who are helping their local community directly. They are also still keeping the riders interested by hosting informal rides throughout the winter. They are big supporters of the riding community.

nick s.

I am also nominating Holy Spokes An awesome organization that accepts donated bikes, overhauls them and gives them away to less fortunate kids, and adults that may need transportation. Next season they are also going to sponsor a student to race in the five MISCA races. They will outfit them with a quality bike, and pay all their race fees, and any other needs they may have. Please consider Holy Spokes for the Nice Man Award. This award exemplifies who they are and what theydo. It would be great to get them some recognition for their efforts.   

Kevin Stacey

I nominate MEMBA, Michigan's Edge Mountain Bike Association, a 501c3 non profit. MEMBA is seeking support to build the Mosquito Creek Trails in central Muskegon County, Michigan. The trail system will include a total of 10 miles of professional designed trails including beginner, intermediate and expert mountain bike loops on 500 acres of county owned land. Working together to make the Muskegon area a healthier, happier place, MEMBA and Muskegon County seek to increase opportunities for physical activity, connection to nature, adventure, economic vitality, and ultimately, a higher quality of life for the Muskegon area. Their fundraising goal is $362K.

Grant C.

I nominate Holy Spokes run by Becky and Ken Osborne in Lake Orion. They are a non-profit that re-cycle donated bikes or bikes left curbside. These are then given at no cost to under privileged children that normally couldn’t afford one. They also educate the public on bike maintenance and safety. Everything is operated by volunteers. Great people that could use the money to upgrade their new work shop.

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