What is everyone wearing for rain gear on Sat.?  I'm still trying to find a jacket that will breath well, but does not get me soaked on the inside.

Robert Rajcevich

I'm wearing a shamie.  I can ring it out if it gets too wet.  

Bob Johnson

Staying dry before the race will be key. I have water proof shoe covers and I may use a garbage bag for my upper body while waiting for my wave to start. This way I can tear it off and place it in a pocket/backpack when I start to boil over. Not sure if this is your first IM, but I would take advantage of the free showers after the race. There is a truck that will transport your dry gear from KKK to Traverse City (don't forget soap/towel).

There is nothing like that first beer after riding 30+ muddy wet miles and a hot shower!   

Joe Arenberg

Hey Bob:

Thanks for the reply.  This is actually my 6th im.  I agree, that beer at the end is one of the best tasting brews I drink all year!!!!!!  Great idea about the bag.  I'm always too layered up at the begininng and last year I felt like I had a suana going on insde my rain jacket.  See you out there and good luck!!!!!