Please flip my internal switch. I have been trying for hours to figure out how to upload my strava imfo!? Thank you.

mike n.

Having trouble getting all my strava data to sync it is only syncing some not all?

Mark C.

Hello IceMan. I need help getting my Strava to Sync to the Iceman

Bryan H.

Also having issues syncing my Strava, can you assist




Trying to get mine to connect.  How do you do this?  My Strava Account is


Please flip my internal switch

Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge

Hi Dave, it looks like you were able to get your Strava data to sync. Any issue still?

Sean m.

How do I get mine to connect?

Michael  Lorenger

I am having the same issue too.  please help!

Steve Brown

Sean & Michael: Your issue is that you both currently have 2 profiles in the Ice Society. We are merging them into one for each of you and then you should be able to connect to Strava.