Here’s the re-route of Steve’s Secret 2.0 back to Steve’s Secret 1.0. There is only one slight variation from the original way we went through the area west of Dockery Rd. fifteen years ago. This should make your ride more enjoyable (somewhat). 

Details about 1.0...stay right in the meadow where the logging operation is. That will take you down “Water Bottle Hill”. It’s steep going down hill but you can do it. When we used it before disc brakes were just getting put on cars….(almost). Towards the bottom turn right. Turn right again and you can follow the trail easily. Once at the power line, follow it to the right just a bit..look for a cut through the raspberries. they’re still pretty nasty. Through that obstacle, follow the deadfall in the corners. Any questions, ask Eli! Once you’re going downhill take a left through a small meadow & you’ll find a two track in there. It’s just a little zig – no zag yet. Follow that to a very short single track & turn left out of that. The climb still has a number of trees down but we’ll get to those in good order. You’ll pop out at Guernsey Lake Rd. & will immediately see the ruts cause by the log trucks.