The Iceman office is usually open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Our phone number is 231/803-4259. If we are out, we'll return your call ASAP.

Our address is:
P.O. Box 3127
Traverse City, MI 49685-3127

2017 Iceman Cometh Transfer Process  

The big change for the 2016 Bells Iceman registration process was for transfers. We streamlined the transfer
system and eliminated the need to find a friend or another cyclist to complete a transfer. As soon as the field limits were reached for the Bells Iceman and Meijer Slush Cup, riders attempting to register were automatically placed on the wait list. The first rider
on the wait list was then automatically paired with the next rider transferring out. The new registrant received an email note allowing her/him to register for the event. That registration worked just like a normal registration with their registration placed in their shopping cart within their Iceman account. 

Riders looking to give up their spot in the event should be aware of our new transfer out process. 

Release your entry up for a transfer, and it goes to the first person on the wait list. You will receive a refund of your entry fee minus $20.00 for a restocking fee. The refund will be placed in your Iceman shopping cart so you can confirm your credit card information for a credit to your card. Thus transfers will begin as a soon as we have sold out and we have riders on the wait list and somebody else realizes that they have a conflict on November 4th. The $20.00 restocking fee includes a $15.00 contribution to NORTE! and the GR Dirt Dawgs youth cycling advocacy programs.

2017 Iceman Cometh Challenge Registration  

Registation for the 2017 Bell's Beer IcemanCometh Challenge, on Saturday November 4th, will open on Friday March 3rd at 11:00AM. Once again registration will be limited to first 4,500 Iceman riders and 400 Meijer Slush Cup riders.

“The registration protocol of the last two years allowed riders to register for the 2016 event at a time convenient to them and greatly reduced stress levels for everybody across the board so we’re planning on replicating that process for 2017”, said Steve Brown, Event Director. 

“The registration process for 2017 kicks off with our on-site registration party at Bell’s Eccentric Café on Friday, March 3rd from 11 AM to 4 PM. This year marks the 5th year of the registration party at Bell’s Eccentric Café and the response has been very positive. It has almost become a celebration about the upcoming cycling season more than registration for the races. Riders from the past season know they’re guaranteed a spot in 2017 but they still come to the Eccentric Cafe and register. Must be the beer”, quipped Brown.

Registration forms will be available and Iceman staff members will be entering riders directly into the 2017 database on site. Personal attendance is required in order to get registered on March 4th. No entries by proxy will be accepted at Bell’s. 

2017 online registration opens for riders that participated in 2016 (or entered & had to transfer their entry) on Friday March 10th at 9:00 AM and will close Friday March 17th at 9:00 AM providing a week’s time to complete the registration process. Each rider from the 2016 events will be able to register for the 2017 Bell’s Iceman and Meijer Slush Cup events. (Don’t worry about the code…it’s built into your Iceman account and will allow you to complete your registration).

For riders new to the Bell’s Iceman, there are two options to register. Option #1 is to attend the Bell’s Iceman Registration party at the Eccentric Café in Kalamazoo on Friday, March 3rdfrom 11 AM to 4 PM. The second option is to register online beginning Friday March 17th at 12 Noon. 

The March 17th online registration for new riders will operate in the “first come – first serve” method. The number of entries available on March 17th for the Bell’s Iceman and Meijer Slush Cup will be determined by the number of entries previously received. A total field limit of 4,500 Iceman riders and 400 Slush Cup riders will be accepted. The 2017 online registration system will open for new riders at 12 Noon on March 17th. (Riders from 2016 who missed the guaranteed entry week can still register beginning on Friday the 17th at 12 noon.

Juniors riding in the Iceman (18 & under) and Pro/Cat 1 riders may register during the normal registration periods and may also register during a late registration period, October 7ththrough October 14th. Junior Slush Cup riders may also register at that time. Entry Transfers are not permitted for late Junior or Pro/Cat 1 entries. (More details on the late registration period will be posted around Labor Day).

The Bell’s Iceman entry fee for 2017 is $100.00 and includes all of the add-on fees from last year, USA Cycling One-Day License and the online registration fee. Category 2 & 3 riders with an annual USAC Cycling license will receive a $10 rebate at packet pick-up upon showing their license. The $10 USA Cycling annual license rebate is not available for riders in the Pro/Category 1 races. 

2017 Meijer Slush Cup entry fees are $70.00 and include a USAC one-day license and the online registration fee.

The 2017 online registration system will utilize your Ice Society account on the website. Thus all registrants will need to have an active account within the Ice Society. A new capability of the Ice Society is to allow parents to manage their children’s accounts with the same email address. 

To eliminate confusion, tandem entries will follow the one bike – one entry system. Tandem captains can enter their stoker’s name on their account page. 

An USA Cycling account number (not an annual license) is required for each rider. For riders without an account number, you can create an account with USA Cycling by looking for the “sign-up” button in the upper right-hand corner of the website.

The big change for the 2017 registration process is for transfers. We have streamlined the transfer system and eliminated the need to find a friend or another cyclist to create a pair, one transferring out and one transferring in. We will simply create a waiting list for riders looking to gain an entry and will create a corresponding queue for riders who can no longer participate and pair up riders as they reach the top of each list. Thus transfers could begin as a soon as we have sold out and we have riders on the wait list.

2018 Registration

Registration for the 2018 Bell’s Beer Iceman Cometh Challenge, Saturday November3rd, will open on Friday March 2nd at 11:00 AM at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe.

Once again registration will be limited to the first 4,500 Iceman riders and 300 Meijer Slush Cup riders.