Text Alerts


We are excited to offer to you expanded access to your favorite riders progress with more timing split points. Rider Text Alerts will give you updates on the riders as they make their way to the finish line.   Simply subscribe to Rider Text Alerts from the Iceman homepage. Follow the instructions below to “Subscribe”:

1. Search for the Rider you would like to follow:

2. Once the Rider Profile is displayed.  Select your desired Rider Profile.

Subscribe to follow the riders’ progress by entering your cellphone number and service provider then select the RED “Subscribe to receive text alerts for this rider.”

3. Once successfully subscribed you will begin to receive text alerts with the following information on the riders Ice Society profile page:


The Jumbotron is back in 2018! That’s right, the 17 feet long by 11 feet high big screen video display located at last year’s finish line will once again be located very close to the finish line and be visible from the Bell’s Beer outlets! Sneak a peak at the Jumbotron to follow live race updates from the course and the finish line from almost anywhere in the Celebration on Zone!

The webcast of the 2013 -2017 Bell’s Iceman & Meijer Slush Cup & Sno-Cone events were huge hits with folks who couldn’t attend the events in person! In 2018, we are integrating the Bell’s Iceman and Meijer Slush Cup course splits right into the webcast production.

2014 was the first year that iceman.com was able to provide live course updates for your favorite riders. Plans are now being ironed out to sort the split times by racing age categories. For example, you can follow along & get live information for Men 53 from the Dockery Rd timing line and see how your favorite racer is faring against his competiton. Interested in Williamsburg Rd or IceStation Zebra splits? Just wait a few minutes for the riders to progress towards those landmarks and boom! There are the results as they happen live.

Clark Cambern & his crew from SCP Media in Lansing, Michigan have the technical know-how to grab the data provided by the timers and add that information right to the live images of the webcast. Specializing in automotive racing, SCP Media has more than ten years experience producing webcasts & television shows for CBS Sports Network. “Racing is racing whether it’s cars or bikes. We just want to tell the story of five thousand determined cyclists making the pilgrimage from Kalkaska to Traverse City in a comprehensible manner,” said Cambern.

BACK AGAIN!: Live Stream 

We have expanded webcast coverage to include a Live Stream from the start line in Kalkaska and the "halfway" point at Williamsburg Rd (for the pro race). Viewers will be able to switch between three different camera views so that everyone can see their friends and family start, and cross the finish line. Everyone at the finish line will be able to watch the live stream right on the jumbo-Tron on the last corner before the finish line.