2018 Packet Pick-Up

The 2018 packet pick-up will be held in the Governors Hall and expanded into the Tower Ballroom as well as the Mackinac and Peninsula rooms at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa on Friday, November 2nd from 10:00AM until 9:00 PM

Each racer must pick up his or her own packet. You will be required to present your driver’s license or another appropriate form of ID when you pick up your packet. Friday's Packet Pickup will close at 9:00PM sharp.

Racers may not pick up packets for friends, etc.

Need ID

You will be required to show your DRIVERS license or another appropriate form of identification when you pick up your packet. You may not pick up other riders’ packets.

Banishment for Life 

Giving your race number to a friend or racing

under someone else’s name will result in both parties being excluded from future Iceman events. Racing under an assumed identity completely invalidates the results and is dangerous in the event of an emergency. Imagine breaking a collarbone (yes, it does happen) and our search and rescue team thinks you’re Bob Jones, 28, from Ionia, when in reality you are Bob Smith, 42, from Kalamazoo!

In February 2012 during the Birkebeiner Nordic Ski Race, the winner of the Birkie Classic had not registered for the event, which resulted in the wrong person being presented as the winner on the podium, and deprived the legitimate first, second and third place finishers the recognition they deserved — DO NOT BE THAT GUY!

Late Packet Pick-up (Iceman)

Bell’s Beer Iceman packet pick-up on Saturday morning will be in the Kalkaska Civic Center lot.  It is right next to the starting line so you can’t miss it. Packet pick-up will open at 7:30 AM and will close when the last waves leave at 12:15 PM.

Late Packet Pick-up (Meijer Slush Cup)

Race packets for the Meijer Slush Cup will be available starting at 7:30 am in the tent near the Slush Cup Start Corral.