Rider & Spectator Start Parking
With the move of the start line to the Kalkaska Airport, parking becomes a lot easier! (But, remember if you take the Early Bird Bus from Rasho Farm, you don’t have to hassle with parking in Kalkaska!) There’s plenty of parking for everybody — riders and spectators — at the Kalkaska Airport. No more hunting for the perfect spot!

Map to Start Line 

Map of Start Line

Start Times and Waves
Each wave will have approximately 100 riders (5,000 divided by 48 equals 104.2). Some may have a few more, some a few less. We will have almost 2 1/2 hours of starts! BE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH WAVE YOU ARE IN!!! Check the rider confirmation system for your start wave assignment beginning October 25th. Your wave assignment is also listed on the back of your number plate.

PLEASE STAGE ACCORDING TO YOUR WAVE. It is each and every rider’s responsibility to start in the correct wave. Once the first wave has started, ONLY the next wave will move up to the starting line.

Gun Time
All Bell’s Beer Iceman and Meijer Slush Cup Waves will be timed using GUN TIME­—the clock for your wave starts when the first rider in the wave crosses the start line.

Wave Starts and Disqualification
Riders starting in an earlier wave than their assigned wave will be automatically disqualified. Riders starting in a later wave than their assigned wave will be timed as if they started in the correct wave.

Clothing Bag Trucks
Each racer will receive a luggage tag for their bag. Write your race # on your tag! That number is to be used for your clothing bag. Clothing will be transported to the finish line and placed under the big tent for you to pick-up. Each rider is responsible for providing their own bag. Please don’t place valuables in your bag as we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Pre-riding the Bell’s Beer Iceman Course
Unfortunately we cannot provide maps of the course before the event since the course is convoluted enough that even locals with maps have gotten very lost in the Pere Marquette State Forest. All it takes is one wrong turn to ruin an outing. The course is marked on the Thursday before the race.

Start Port-a-johns
Port-a-johns will be located at the starting venue at the Kalkaska Airport. The units will be placed north of the start chute, well within site of the start line and well within walking distance of parking for spectators!

Port-a-johns will also be placed on-course at the Dockery Rd., Vasa, and Ice Station Zebra food stations as well the Williamsburg Rd. road crossing.

Drop Outs
Riders wishing to drop out of either the Slush Cup or the Bell’s Beer Iceman are asked to do so at any one of the road crossings with course marshalls present. If you abandon the race at any other location, we cannot be responsible for returning you to the finish line. Please notify race officials at the finish line if you did not finish.

Cut Off Time
For the personal safety of all riders, the Bell’s Beer Iceman course will close at 2:00 PM at Williamsburg Rd. Those riders (except for Pros) failing to meet the 2:00 PM cut off time will be directed off the course and into a waiting bus to continue on to the finish line.

Lost & Found
You are responsible for clothing, tools or bike parts left at food stations or along the trail. We will make our best effort to get these articles to the lost & found box at the finish line but cannot make guarantees. Wear clothing you won’t mind losing!

Trevor Schlicht

What are these clothing trucks you speak of? Can I bring a backpack of warm and dry clothes to Kalkaska to keep warm pre-race and then send it off on the truck and find in at Timber Ridge? That would be amazing!


Joseph Bird

Trevor S.,

Yes. I usually have the bag of dry clothes ready to go and simply take it to the truck assigned first (Truck 2 for me). Then I warm up and head to start. If you want to keep something extra as you warm up, you need a partner who will stash it and store it for you in his or her gear.

Joe B.

matt n.

I'm new to the race. Anybody have thoughts on running 1.9 or 2.0 29er tires if conditions are good? 

Paul Hesselgrave

There are several sandy spots where you may have problems with narrow tires.  Should be fine for most of the course through.  Enjoy!

Joseph Bird

I just saw this. Paul is right. I run 2.2 Race Kings and don't have an issue unless it is total slop, then everyone wants 2.4. Many do run 2.0 or 1.8 tires, but I am not that good so why worry that much about weight wen I want to stay upright and finish?


Joe B.

Tim S.

Is there a GPX file for the 2016 course?


Tim S.

......or a TCX file?

Jerrod E.

How would I connect with people wishing to transfer their registration?

devin w.

are cyclocross bikes acceptable?

Lucian L.

You can ride any bike you want.....most of the fast guys ride what look like road bikes!!


Joseph Bird

I have seen some cross bikes, but most top riders use a mountain bike. They tend to use hardtails with narrower tires, carbon rims and often rigid forks, but there is a mix on this last point. If you look at the pros, they tend to use a carbon hard tail MB, carbon rims and 1.8 to 2.0 tires.



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