We ask that you park at Rasho Farm and ride your bike (1.5 miles) to Timber Ridge Resort if you want to pre-ride the last few kilometers of the race-course. Please DO NOT park at (See map to the right.) Courtade Elementary School or use their facilities. Rasho Farm is immediately south of the school).

Additionally, riding backwards to preview the course is not allowed. Two-way traffc on the race-course with single track & blind corners is asking for trouble and we want to ensure that everybody has a chance to race on Saturday. Look for our directional signs that will lead you to the Lands End crossing on the course and you’ll be able to ride the last 4-5 kilometers securely. 


The 2017, the start line will be the same as last year, at the Kalkaska County Civic Center. Link to the map.  

Here's a small version, but you can use the link above to get to the Gazette.


The start for both races is outside the fenced area. See the highlighted area on the map on the right.  It is very close to where you are parked.

Slush Cup racers will finish inside the fencing in the Celebration Zone using the normal finish line.  SnoCone will finish in the same place as their start.


Each wave will have approximately 100 riders (5,000 divided by 48 equals 104.2). Some may have a few more, some a few less. We will have almost 2 1/2 hours of starts! BE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH WAVE YOU ARE IN!!! Check the rider confirmation system for your start wave assignment beginning October 25th. Your wave assignment is also listed on the back of your number plate.


Porta-johns will be located at the starting venue at the Kalkaska Civic Center AND at the Kalkaska Middle School. The units will be placed along the south wall of the Middle School gymnasium so they will be easy to find and will be accessible from a number of parking locations. For 2017t we have increased the number of units to 40 placed at both the Kalkaska Middle School and Civic Center locations, with four handicapped portajohns added to the mix at the start.

Portajohns will also be placed on course at the Dockery Rd., Vasa, and Ice Station Zebra food stations as well the Williamsburg Rd. road crossing.


PLEASE STAGE ACCORDING TO YOUR WAVE. It is each and every rider’s responsibility to start in the correct wave. Once the first wave has started, ONLY the next wave will move up to the starting line.


All Bell’s Beer Iceman and Meijer Slush Cup categories will be timed using GUN TIME —the clock for your wave starts when the first rider in the wave crosses the start line.


Riders starting in an earlier wave than their assigned wave will be automatically disqualified. Riders starting in a later wave than their assigned wave will be timed as if they started in the correct wave.


Each racer will receive a luggage tag for their bag. Write your race # on your tag! That number is to be used for your clothing bag. Clothing will be transported to the finish line and placed under the big tent for you to pick-up. Each rider is responsible for providing their own bag. Please don’t place valuables in your bag as we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.


Grand Traverse Cycle is once again sponsoring the Feed Stations! Watch for their catchy signs on the course as you approach the three designated feed stations. The Ice House, Oasis, and Ice Station Zebra are located at about eleven, twenty-seven and thiry-six kilometers into the course, respectively. Volunteer crews will be serving up loads of CLIF products, cookies, fruit, and water for all!

The Oasis at Williamsburg Rd., has been moved two miles to the east in order to reduce the confusion at the Williamsburge Road crossing and to facilitate transportation to Timber Ridge resort for riders who abandon the race at Broomhead Road. 


If this is your first Iceman, don't be fooled into thinking you are at the finish until you cross the finish line.  The finishing stretch can last anywhere from 3km-5km so save a little something for the finish.  If you are going to pre-ride the finish, please read this post about where to park and how to ride the finish without hurting yourself or others. 

At the finish, there is complimentary food (cookies, fruit, etc) for races and food for purchase from a variety of finish vendors.  


For all Meijer Sno-Cone, Meijer Slush Cup and Bell’s Beer Iceman riders who would like to warm up and put some dry clothes on before enjoying the rest of the afternoon’s festivities, we have a solution! Hot steaming showers!! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being hot, dusty, sweaty or of being soaked and chilled to the bone, yet knowing that a hot shower is right around the corner.

Two semi-tractor trailers containing 16 private shower stalls each will be located right inside the Celebration Zone. We’ll have 32 showers for men. The ladies will be commandeering the entire North bath house facilities for their showers and changing area.

If you want to use Timber Ridge Resort’s South bath house showers (and maybe avoid the lines) just be sure to bring some quarters as the showers require about $2.00 for an eight minute good hot steaming. Towels are also highly recommended if you’re planning on using either shower facility.


Riders wishing to drop out of either the Slush Cup or the Iceman are asked to do so at any one of the road crossings with course marshalls present. If you abandon the race at any other location, we cannot be responsible for returning you to the finish line. Please notify race officials at the finish line if you did not finish. 


For the personal safety of all riders, the Iceman course will close at 2:00 PM at Williamsburg Rd. Those riders (except for Pros) failing to meet the 2:00 PM cut off time will be directed off the course and into a waiting bus to continue on to the finish line.


First Aid personnel will be located at each food station and at the start and finish lines for each event. Mobile emergency vehicles and medical service volunteers will be stationed along both the Iceman and Slush Cup trails. Be sure to extend a special "thanks" to the safety crew volunteers as you pedal by!


We cannot be responsible for clothing, tools, or bike parts left at food stations or along the trail. We will make our best effort to get these articles to the lost & found box at the finish line but cannot make guarantees. Wear clothing you won’t mind losing!


Unfortunately, we cannot provide maps of the course before the event since the course is convoluted enough that even locals with maps have gotten very lost in the Pere Marquette State Forest. All it takes is one wrong turn to ruin an outing. The course is marked on the Thursday before the race.


The weather in Northern Michigan during November is often very volatile. Eight of the past twenty Iceman events have been held in very snowy (sometimes up to five inches) and cold (19 degrees) conditions. Hands, toes, and water bottles are likely to freeze. It may be 50 degrees and sunny, but it is best to plan on gnarly (dude) conditions. Appropriate fall/winter cycling clothing is strongly encouraged. You won’t go wrong with cycling tights, long sleeve jerseys, long fingered gloves, outer wear, shoe cover booties, and something to cover your face.


It doesn't seem like much to dispose of an energy gel wrapper by dropping it during a race. "It's only one" must be the mind set. It seems like that mind set also occurs when folks are just out recreating as foil wrappers appear on the trail all year long.

Race staff and volunteers spend a whole day cleaning up the trail after the big race. We understand that there is bound to be stuff left on the trail, but recently it has gotten a bit out of hand. If one out of four racers use an energy gel, and 1/2 of those drop the wrapper, that's 250 packs of slimey, guey, sticky, and covered with ants and dirt (why do you think they named it that way) foil wrappers that have to be picked up afterwards. That's almost 10 wrappers per mile!

Don't ruin a pristine forest, take the two seconds to put the gel pack back in your pocket so it can be properly disposed once your adventure is finished.


Please remember to take the necessary precautions with your cycling equipment throughout the entire Bell’s Beer Iceman weekend. If you have to leave your bikes on top of your car, lock them. If you are heading out to celebrate a strong finish, leave your bike in your hotel room for the evening. Traverse City is small a classic Midwestern town where you can leave your car unlocked while stopping at the grocery store but bikes and other cycling gear can walk away very quickly if left unattended.

The one exception to this rule is that you can check your bike into the Bike Corral at Timber Ridge Resort and have confidence that the Traverse City Central High School Trojan Softball Team will take excellent care of your machine in your absence.