Timber Ridge: The Finish Venue

Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort is a year round resort featuring camping, world-class biking and Nordic ski trails, charming banquet facility and is host to a variety of popular events. Timber Ridge’s trails are directly connected to the Vasa Pathway and offer an exciting finish to the Iceman. The last leg of the Iceman race winds its way through Timber Ridge’s trails, making the resort the perfect location for spectators to view the exciting and often tight finishes.

Timber Ridge Resort has developed a new seasonal site rental area for large RVs and Park Models Homes specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for more luxurious and comfortable seasonal living.

Park Model Home styles range from rustic cabin to craftsman cottage and can be customized to suit the owner’s style and needs. Bay windows, vinyl flooring or carpet, cathedral ceilings, tape and textured interiors, and covered porches lend to the upscale feel of the park model homes. Timber Ridge Resort has partnered with builders Athens Park Homes and Skyline Park Homes to present these affordable “cottages” for about $45,000 to $75,000. Timber Ridge works with our clients on the order, purchase, and delivery of their RPT. The park model homes can be placed on a leased Timber Ridge Resort campsite for about $3,400 per season (April 15th  to October15th; utilities billed separately) or we can arrange for delivery to another site. In fact, since last fall, Timber Ridge has added 4 park model homes featuring full kitchens and bathrooms to their rental list so be sure to check them out!

Hurricane Gordon blew through Timber Ridge again this spring! Three cabins on the north end of the property were blown off their foundations and actually landed a quarter mile south near the South Bath House. The relocation of the cabins placed them near all of the other cabins on the southern portion of the campground and opened up areas near the North Bath House. In fact, the Iceman information and awards trailers will placed right where the cabins used to be! Gordon also created a new road that improves flow for pullthrough camp sites on the north end. It’s no wonder that Iceman chose this location for the new Ice Capades Awards Celebration Zone.

Timber Ridge Parking

Timber Ridge’s guests and campers have the first priority over Bell’s Beer Iceman riders. There is no parking at Timber Ridge on Friday.  Parking on Saturday at Timber Ridge will cost $25.00 pre-paid or $35.00 day of the event. The proceeds will benefit the Timber Ridge Foundation.

Busing To/from Timber Ridge Resort

Back to Kalkaska

The original bus route from Timber Ridge to Kalkaska ferries riders back to Kalkaska in order to pick up their car after the races. The buses to Kalkaska buses run every 20 minutes from 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM and depart Timber Ridge from the main parking lot in front of the Main Lodge.

Kalkaska to Timber Ridge Resort

Spectators can now park in Kalkaska and leave the car behind for the day. Just catch the "upload" bus to Timber Ridge Resort! The buses to Timber Ridge will load every 15 minutes  in the alley just east of the Municipal Parking Lot from 9:30 AM to 11:15 AM.

Rasho Farm to/from Timber Ridge Resort

The shuttle service between the Rasho Farm remote parking area and Timber Ridge Resort will run continuously from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Shuttles will leave approximately every five minutes (except in the morning  until 10:00 AM when the interval will be about ten minutes). Rasho Farm is located 1.5 miles to/ from Timber Ridge so it's a very quick trip.

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa to Timber Ridge Resort

Grand Traverse Resort & Spa will also run a shuttle from the Resort to Timber Ridge in the morning for Meijer Slush Cup riders staying at the Resort. Again, please make reservations for the shuttle with the Concierge Desk. The shuttle will depart Grand Traverse Resort at 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM for the 15 minute trip to Timber Ridge.

For trip back to Grand Traverse Resort from Timber Ridge Resort, Grand Traverse Resort shuttles will begin picking up guests at 3:00 PM and will continue until 6:00 PM.

Feed Me!

Any great celebration worth attending should have a varied assortment of cuisine to match any foodie’s mood, and the Food Court at the Celebration Zone does not disappoint!

Near the finisher there is a tent of racer recovery food that is complimentary for racers: Apples, bananas, cookies!,

The staff and carefully selected partners of Timber Ridge Resort have each chosen unique specialty offerings to satisfy racers and spectators alike.

Timber Ridge is excited to again welcome Siren Hall to our food vendor area.  Other vendors are:  Daily Blend, Betty’s Hot Dish, MMMM Truck, Timber Ridge, Cheese and Company, Cordwood BBQ, Rocco’s Old World Pizza, Why Not Pretzels, Milk and Honey

Look for a couple new vendors as well, serving up new surprises to tempt your palate! No one will go hungry with such a wide array of choices available!

Tow Away Zones

It is anticipated that that the Grand Traverse County Road Commission will enact a temporary NO PARKING zone for the days of November 3rd & 4th for the adjacent neighborhood outside of Timber Ridge Resort.

The No Parking Zone will be located on at least the following roads (and probably more): the south side of E. Hammond Road between Haaland Rd and Rasho Road and on the west side of Haaland Rd and Six Mile Road from Roselawn Drive to Dogwood Drive and the north and west side of Whispering Oaks and north side of Dogwood Drive. The Grand Traverse County Road Commission shall erect and maintain appropriate signs to comply with the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices to give notice of this Temporary Order. The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department will be monitoring the parking in the neighborhoods and will be issuing tickets and/or towing those not in compliance.

So plan on parking at the Rasho farm and don’t even consider parking in the neighborhoods just outside of Timber Ridge!


WD-40 BIKE will be on hand to clean & lube your bike after your course inspection on Friday as well as Saturday. With the rain/snow forecast for the next to days, the course should be a little sloppy. Be sure to stop by the WD-40 BIKE wash area to take advantage of their professional services. After the race on Saturday WD-40 BIKE is going to care your bike for you with a full clean before stashing it in the bike corral. 

Chilled? Take A Shower!!

That’s right, we are making a guarantee on the weather for the day of the event. Showers. No more, “it’s supposed to be sunny and 55 degrees or hopefully we’ll have snow, it could rain, maybe a little light freezing drizzle”....but showers are a certainty again this year.

For all Meijer Sno-Cone, Meijer Slush Cup and Bell’s Beer Iceman riders who would like to warm up and put some dry clothes on before enjoying the rest of the afternoon’s festivities, we have a solution! Hot steaming showers!! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being hot, dusty, sweaty or of being soaked and chilled to the bone, yet knowing that a hot shower is right around the corner.

Two semi-tractor trailers containing 16 private shower stalls each will be located right inside the Celebration Zone. We’ll have 32 showers for men. The ladies will be commandeering the entire North bathhouse facilities for their showers and changing area.

If you want to use Timber Ridge Resort’s South bath house showers (and maybe avoid the lines) just be sure to bring some quarters as the showers require about $2.00 for an eight minute good hot steaming. Towels are also highly recommended if you’re planning on using either shower facility.

Tent Warmers

For over 30 years, Team Bob’s has provided comfort, peace of mind, and healthy environments for their residential and small business customers. By installing, maintaining, and servicing HVAC and Plumbing systems they offer warmth, relief from the heat, clean fresh air, and a reliable pure water supply. Now they’re going to apply one of their specialties to the Iceman changing tents and First Aid tent. That’s right...the Team Bob’s crew will be installing a small furnace in the women’s and men’s changing tents as well as the First Aid tent to create a refuge from the cold if the weather turns nasty. 


During the Iceman race and awards presentation, open alcohol is only permitted on guest campsites and that being served within the enclosed Ice Capades Celebration Zone. The special event liquor license does not allow for alcohol in the common areas within Timber Ridge Resort during the event and will be enforced. Security will be inspecting bags and throwing away any outside alcohol that folks try to bring in. That includes flasks!