Bus Transportation and Parking

For 2018 we have six different bus routes planned to facilitate riders and spectators getting to where they need to go before, during and after the races.  For everybody's safety, pets are not allowed on any of the bus routes.  All of the busses and shuttles will be followed be a Penske truck to carry bikes and other equipment.



Free Parking at Rasho Road on Friday to Pre-ride the Finish
See the pre-ride map to the right.

The parking lots at Timber Ridge will be available for parking from 9am-5pm for $10 cash. Cars parked after 5pm will be towed! 

Free parking is available all day at Rasho Farm and ride your bike (1.5 miles) to Timber Ridge Resort if you want to pre-ride the last few kilometers of the race-course. Busing might be available to the course during the day on Friday.  Please DO NOT park at Courtade Elementary School or use their facilities. Rasho Farm is immediately south of the school.  You can use the School's address to find the Farm. Courtade Elementary School, 1111 Rasho Rd, Traverse City, MI 49696

Additionally, riding backward to preview the course is not allowed. Two-way traffic on the race-course with single track & blind corners is asking for trouble and we want to ensure that everybody has a chance to race on Saturday. Look for our directional signs that will lead you to the Lands End crossing on the course and you’ll be able to ride the last 4-5 kilometers securely. Once you’ve got the lay of the course finale and are cruising through the Merrell/BISSELL Celebration Zone keep your eyes open to all of the pieces coming together for the following day!


1) Rasho Farm **Recommended* & FREE (NO PARKING AT COURTADE Elementary!)-  - 1.5 miles from Timber Ridge Served by FREE Shuttle to Timber Ridge or Kalkaska START (The Farm is just south of the school for your GPS Courtade Elementary School, 1111 Rasho Rd, Traverse City, MI 49696)
2) Kalkaska Area Public Schools Property - FREE parking - Grade School, Middle School & High School Property with FREE Shuttle Service to START and to Timber Ridge
3) Timber Ridge Resort - Hosting the event and post party so parking is LIMITED and is $35.00 in advance, $45 for overnight parking and/or $50 day of the event. 
4) Snow Cone Racers - Park at Rasho Farms.  There is no parking at Timber Ridge. 
5) Slush Cup Racers -Park at Rasho Farms.  There is no parking at Timber Ridge.

Fans/Observers/Onlookers/Others - Park @ Rasho Farm OR in Kalkaska Public Schools space. FREE Shuttle Service will take you to/from where you need to go in either place.

Subaru owners VIP Parking is back!

You asked, and Subaru Listed! Owners of Subaru vehicles will once again receive special VIP parking privileges at the Kalkaska Civic Center Start area and at the Timber Ridge Resort finish line venue for the 2018 event.  With Subaru's return as the Iceman's official vehicle, Tribecas, Outbacks, Legacy's, Impreza’s, Crosstrek’s, WRX’s, Baja’s and even Brat’s all qualify for special parking close to all the action in Kalkaska and Timber Ridge. 

In Kalkaska, Subaru cars may follow part of last years course near the water tower and park in the Country Fair’s demolition derby area.  

Experienced Bell’s Iceman riders who own a Subaru are familiar with the location of the Subaru VIP Parking Lot at Timber Ridge Resort.  It is located in the northwest corner of the Timber Ridge Resort property and provides easy access to all the finish line activities.


With the move of the start line to the Kalkaska Civic Center, parking becomes a lot easier! (But, remember if you take the Early Bird Bus from Rasho Farm, you don’t have to hassle with parking in Kalkaska!) There’s plenty of parking in the Kalkaska Public Schools lots from Birch St. Elementary and the Middle School to the High School. There’s also parking behind the County Buildings off Birch St. Additionally, the Kalkaska Church of Christ has graciously allowed Bell’s Iceman riders to park in their parking lot just west of West Kalkaska Rd.

Subaru/VIP parking is available in Kalkaska! Note that the Kalesium parking lot is reserved for their hockey tournament that weekend. Also note that West Kalkaska Road will be closed the Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Department between M-72 and the dirt road used for the course. Only Iceman buses will be allowed to use Fairgrounds Road for access to the Civic Center. Thus, Bell’s Iceman riders should plan on using Birch Street to access all of the surrounding parking areas.

The Kalkaska Area Recreation Trail (KART) encircles the entire area and is another way of getting to the Civic Center after you’ve parked.


PLEASE Ride the Bus in the Morning! Park at Rasho Farms, ride the bus in the morning, and thank us later.

ALL Morning transportation to Kalkaska originates from Rasho.

For everybody's safety, pets are not allowed on any of the buses/shuttles.  

All shuttles will be followed by a 24' box truck to carry bikes and other equipment.

Rasho Farm to Kalkaska (Strongly Recommended)

Last year’s morning bus route from Rasho Farm to the Kalkaska starting venue was very successful. Over 500 riders took advantage of a stress-free trip to Kalkaska last year! Park at Rasho Farm, load your bike into the Penske truck, climb on board the bus and relax. What could be easier? Buses will depart Rasho Farm every half hour from 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM arriving in Kalkaska about 45 minutes later.

This is by far and away the most efficient use of time and resources to get to the Kalkaska Civic Center for the start. 

Early Bird Buses 

Rasho Farm to/from Timber Ridge Resort

The shuttle service between the Rasho Farm remote parking area and Timber Ridge Resort will run continuously from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Shuttles will leave approximately every five minutes. Rasho Farm is only 1.5 miles from Timber Ridge, so it’s a very quick trip.

GPS Users: Courtade Elementary School, 1111 Rasho Rd, Traverse City, MI 49696

Timber Ridge to Kalkaska (Post Race)

The original bus route from Timber Ridge Resort to Kalkaska ferries riders back to Kalkaska in order to pick up their car after the races. The buses to Kalkaska run every 20 minutes from 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM and depart Timber Ridge from the main parking lot in front of the Main Lodge.

Kalkaska to Timber Ridge Resort (Via Rasho)

Spectators can now park in Kalkaska and leave the car behind for the day. Just catch the "upload" bus to Timber Ridge Resort! The buses to Timber Ridge will load every 15 minutes at the Kalkaska Civic Center from 9:30 AM to 11:15 AM.

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa to Kalkaska and Timber Ridge Resort

Grand Traverse Resort & Spa will provide a shuttle bus from the Resort to Kalkaska for registered guests. The shuttle service is complimentary, just stop by the Concierge Desk to make your reservation. Buses will depart Grand Traverse Resort every half hour from 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM arriving in Kalkaska approximately 30 minutes later.

Additionally, Grand Traverse Resort & Spa will also run a shuttle from the Resort to Timber Ridge Resort in the morning for Meijer Slush Cup riders staying at the Resort. Again, please make reservations for the shuttle with the Concierge Desk. The shuttle will depart Grand Traverse Resort at 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM for the 15 minute trip to Timber Ridge.

For the trip back to the Grand Traverse Resort from Timber Ridge Resort, Grand Traverse Resort shuttles will begin picking up guests at 3:00 PM and will continue until 6:00 PM.

KPTA Shuttle to Start Venue

For riders and spectators parking near the Kalkaska Public Schools, the KPTA shuttle provides a way for spectators to catch a quick ride to the start venue at the Kalkaska Civic Center. The shuttle picks up passengers at the Kalkaska Middle School and the Kalkaska High School’s front parking lot on Birch St and drops them off right at the starting line! The shuttle will loop between the locations continuously throughout the morning.

Anyone planning to go from Timber Ridge to Kalkaska in the morning should get to Rasho Rd one of 2 ways:
1) riding their bike (1.5 miles) to Courtade/Rasho Farm to get on a bus 
2) take one of the early FREE shuttles from Timber Ridge to Courtade/Rasho Farm.