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Down To Ride

Are you Down to Ride?

Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge and Down to Ride partnered up to extend the riding experience beyond one magical weekend in November. With the help of our awesome team of ride leaders, we've put together training rides throughout the state to create a stronger sense of community while preparing riders to take on the challenge. Get ready or stay ready and come ride with us!

About Down to Ride

Down to Ride (DTR) helps you discover and organize rides with your friends. Created by cyclists for cyclists, DTR’s mission is to get butts on saddles. Unlike tracking apps, DTR is all about the ride. DTR goes beyond an athlete-only product to help all riders find awesome rides. Whether you’re slow rolling with friends or at the front of the A-group, we have a ride for you.

DTR works by riders setting their status to Down to Ride. From there, riders see who their friends is DTR that day and any public rides within 50 miles of their location. Can’t find what you are looking for? Simply create your own ride and invite your friends.

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