About Group

Founders Racing is the most active Mountain Bike Racing Team in the Midwest. With a history in the West Michigan area that spans three decades, our team members have been racing and winning since the 1980′s. Team alums include many professional racers and even a national champion.


Mission Statement

Promote The Sport of Bicycle Racing Through:

  • Participation in bicycle races.
  • Participation in local club rides and events.
  • Participation in volunteer trail maintenance and advocacy.
  • Promotion of our sponsors (who are through their support, promoting our sport).
  • Showing respect for other riders, racers and non cyclist trail users.
  • Introducing the sport of cycling to new riders.
  • Providing opportunities to high school and college level racers to participate in the sport.

Dennis B Murphy

Marnie's blog post from 2014 race:

Something about the Iceman just gets me so excited! I guess it is the idea of spending time with my awesome team mates and their wives.  Well, as the forecast turned to crap…most of the wives bailed and I can’t say that I blame them! Thanks Nancy Curtis, Joni Murphy, Amy Remelts & Kim Stafford for sticking it out!
2014…My 7th Iceman, Wave 7. Thought it would be a LUCKY sign…but then it started to rain as temperatures started to drop.  My team mate, Jane and I lined up together behind the ginormous puddle with a planned strategy: I would try to hang with her on the pavement and she would stick with me on the dirt. Except there wasn’t any dirt. Nope. None! It was all MUD! Thick, oozy, snag your tire and pull you backward mud. We trudged through rain, sleet, slush, wind, snow, more rain, and other precipitation. The course went from bad to worse. What a MESS! I have never ridden in mud so deep! The Ka-chunking of my big ring told me it was time to ride thru a puddle for a “rinse”….I nearly drowned. My numbing fingers seemed to give up after a while so pushing my gear shifter with the palm of my hand was the only option. (No luck with the big ring. Jane had the opposite problem…no luck with her small ring. Good thing she is so strong!)  I ended up having the record slowest Iceman of my 7 year streak. I assumed there would be no podium for me this year. Wrong!10734143_887878761222779_3134749545901650561_n
As soon as I crossed the line, I searched for the FOUNDERS tent, peeled my soaking clothes off in the Stafford’s heated camper, then was off with Tenner to catch the shuttle back to our car. We arrived just in time to see Max crossing Williamsburg Road.
By the time we got back, the awards had started.  Our team did pretty dang awesome overall. (See results.)1979727_887881744555814_1713814040134687439_nBut the real fun began when Rick grabbed the big FOUNDERS flag and we made our way into the woods to cheer on Earl, Jeremy, and Dennis who were racing in the Pro category.
Wrapping up the night all huddled up in Rob & Jeremy’s condo, eating gumbo and cornbread with burnt pizza…we all re-lived the day and how much it sucked. Signing up again next year will be like signing up for childbirth. Somehow you forget the pain & in the long run you know it will all be worth it!