• Sean H.

    Help a Newb

    Thinking of taking the plunge and registering for single speed this year. I've completed two Icemen on my geared Salsa Bucksaw. Now I want a new accomplishment. 

    I ride my SS a ton, just no races yet. It's a Bearclaw Beowulf Ti. Light, strong, and speedy.

    Currently geared 32-19.

    I'm 52 and doing this most just to be able to say I did it. I race for fun and to set goals for myself, not to place. 

    Any words of wisdom or encouragement? Thanks!

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    • Michael C.

      I have been the SS rider for a while, started with 32-16 and now running 38-16 on my Niner.  I'm the same young age of 51 and love the SS.  I have my son racing specialized Carve 29er again and he will be running 38 elliptical -16.  You feel the pain on the hills but the flats you keep a good pace.

      Good Luck

    • Sean H.

      How are your knees? As a lifelong skier, I've got a tweaky right knee that doesn't like too tall a gear. At 32-18 now and comfortable, but it spins out on the flats. Wondering if I should do 32-17 for race day?

    • Michael C.

      My body is great, and legs are good.  I do more biking than running to keep my knees, just keep spinning.  I'm out in Kansas and just do the gravel rides.  Looking forward to hitting the trail on race day.  I did 32-16 my first SS Iceman race, hills are easy and you spinout on the flats, just find someone to draft behind.  HeeHee

    • Sean H.

      Bumped gearing up to 32-18 and really liking the improvement already!