• Rohit Bery

    SS gearing?

    ok, let's hear it...what's the gearing to use? Going for 2-ish.  29+.  My 32x19 I use in AZ will be too spinny.  Thinking 34x18.  Not sure if I need to go all the way to 34x17.

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    • Eric Landman

      32 x 16 Absolute Black oval & Chris King. just a bit more aggressive than round up hills and faster on the flats.

      But, I used my squishy shifty because at 54 I didn't want to race 30 year olds! I'd hoop back on the SS in a heartbeat if Steve created a 50 plus SS division. 


    • Randall R.

      I have my Ice Cream Truck setup 32:17 with a soma gator drop bar and she flies.  My Monkey is setup 34:17 and I feel like she is still even a bit "spinny," and have a 16 on order.  So amped to try her out a bit steeper.  Have a great ride dudes, look forward to riding with some fellow single speeders. 

    • Craig Van Renterghem

      no right answer or perfect gear as always. for a 2 ish finish I think you'll even find yourself spun out on a 34/17 unless you can really turn it. The hills are relatively steep but short so if you stall out you can just run them almost as fast. I used a 34/16 with a oval chainring last year for a 1:58 and it was fine for me and rode all but 1 hill. Some sections I was still undergeared. Less road at the start so that will be good for the SS's this year I think.

    • Rohit Bery

      thanks craig.  It's hard to judge from here... rolling out of the house the "short" loop is 16 miles and has 1800' of climbing...its hard to wrap my head around 30 miles and 1900'...is it really 1/2 as steep the whole time?  Good advice!