Welcome out 2018 Pro Women!

Welcome our 2018 Pro Women!

The Pro Women’s race is anyone’s race to win!  With neither 2017 1st or 2nd place finishers racing, the podium is wide open.  Besides some of our veteran racers, we’ve got some new ladies that shouldn’t be overlooked.  This is going to be good folks!

Check out the full sortable list of racers.

Kaitlyn Patterson: 
4th Place for 2018. Kaitlyn has finished 2nd in 2016 and 3rd in 2017, will 2018 her chance to claim 1st place?  No longer the new girl, Kaitlyn comes with a reputation and she (and everyone around her) will have to work hard on Saturday to keep up.

Chloe Woodruff: 
Winner for 2018. After reigning champ for 2 years, Chloe wasn’t on the podium last year, but with Katerina Nash MIA, Chloe has her sights on the top step again!   She races for Team Stan’s NoTubes – PIVOT and TEAM USA. Find her at http://www.chloewoodruff.com/ or on twitter @chloewoodruff 

Amy Beisel:
5th Place for 2018. Amy has been hovering near the top step for a while.  In 2016 she got 3rd, 2017 6th and this year might be her year to be back on the podium. She races Orange Seal Off-Road Team.  Amy is also the 2016 Fat Bike World Champion, she’ll be ready if it starts to snow.  You can find her on Ice Society and http://rachel-scott-2ct9.squarespace.com/

Catharine Pendrel:
3rd Place for 2018. After taking a year off from Iceman and a humerus break this season, Catharine is back!   She won the 2013 Pro Women’s race but even more impressive is her winning a Bronze Medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics, her 2x World Champion, and 3x Canadian Olympian. She races for the Clif Pro Team. http://cpendrel.blogspot.com/

Rachel Langdon:
Rachel, 30, hails from Louisville, KY.  The last two years she has been an impressive 6th and 7th.  This year she won Barry Roubaix AND set a course record. She races for Gray Goat Bullseye Total Media and has a whole lot of races under her belt for 2018 with some serious results! 

Mary Penta:
@mary_penta , 39,  of Indiana and sponsored by Think Green/Bicycle Face.  She finished 2nd this year at the Barry Roubaix, a mere 3 seconds behind Rachel Langdon.  She’s been racing quite a bit this year and we’re excited to see what she’s got.

Georgia Gould:

Georgia will face her biggest Bell’s Iceman Challenge yet.  Not on course, but in the Announcer Box providing commentary to all of us!  We’re pretty sure this two time Bell’s Iceman Champion and U.S. Olympian is up for the challenge and we can’t wait to hear what she has to say!

Please welcome and watch for these Bell’s Iceman Newbies:

Sofia Gomez Villafañe,

2nd Place for 2018. Sofia is 24 and  was born in Argentina but hails from Park City, UT. She races for Stan’s Pivot Pro Team. While new to Bell’s Iceman, she is not new to the sport.  She has an impressive resume and we can’t wait to watch her test her skills on our Northern Michigan Trails.  @sofithevilla

Lindsay Knight, 34, from Chicago, IL. Known for her Cross Cycling skills and her work with youth cycling non-profit Blackstone Bicycle Works.  Lindsay also has a Ph.D. in Political Science and might have a lesson or two for our ladies in the Pro field.

Also in the mix are our local Michigan favorites:

Megan Doerr, 35, races for McLain’s Race Team.  This is her first year racing Pro/Cat 1. Megan was the fastest amateur woman in 2017.  She’s also being inducted into the MMBA 2018 Hall of Fame for Racing!

Maddy Frank, 18.  She’s from Walker, MI.  She finished 1st in the Junior race last year and has stepped up to the Pros.  

Susan Vigland, racing for Hagerty Cycling, is back and stronger than ever.  She’s not only an amazing racer but Susan loves trails and is current board president of TART trails!  

Bridget Widrig, racing for Hagerty Cycling. Bridget is the nicest, most humble person you’ll meet…until the start gun goes off!