Post Race Reminder: Food & Bell’s Beer

Timber Ridge has 13 food vendors line up for after the race. Plan on racing hard, then using the Team Bob shower trucks, changing into dry clothes, eat some good food, grab a delicious Bell’s beer and wait for the most anticipated races all year…the SNOCONE and the Pros.  

Reminder all beer proceeds go to the Timber Ridge Foundation that donates money to trail development in conjunction with TART trails.  So drink for a good cause! The official beer list is:

Bell’s Porter
Christmas Ale
Amber Ale
Bell’s Lager
Oarsman Ale
Best Brown
Two Hearted Ale
Winter White
Expedition Stout

Just a reminder no outside alcohol is allowed in the Celebration Zone.  Security will be inspecting bags and if alcohol is found you will have 3 choices:

  1. Surrender the alcohol (this includes flasks!)
  2. Take the alcohol back to your car.
  3. Be unruly, get a ticket, and get kicked out by the police.

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