Safe Passing Law – PLEASE HELP

Safe Passing Law - PLEASE HELP

Biking Friends-We are running out of time for the Michigan Legislature to do something to make biking safer in Michigan. YOU CAN HELP WITH ONE SIMPLE CALL. HERE IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO:As many of you know, the Senate passed a safe passing bill and a bill requiring bicycle laws to be part of all drivers education classes. The bills now need to pass the house by the end of the year, or our efforts for this two year legislative session will have to start over again next year. There is not time for the traditional committee hearing before a full House vote (because there are no committee hearings before the end of the year). The only way the bills will become law is if the House Speaker, Kevin Cotter, “discharges” the bills to the full House for a vote, which he has the ability to do. WE NEED TO FLOOD COTTER’S OFFICE WITH CALLS ASKING HIM TO DO THIS!! (Please understand this is not being rude. It is simply letting him know you care about something he controls, as a representative of your interests. It can, and should, be done in a polite and professional way.) Cotter’s phone number is 517-373-1789. Just tell Cotter (or his staff) that you are calling to encourage the Speaker to discharge the bicycle safety bills to the floor for a vote. Let him know you are a cyclist and care about bicycle safety on Michigan roads. (If you know someone injured or killed by a car while riding, let them know that too). It will take less than a minute.