The Bell's Iceman is Sold Out, now what?

For the 29th year in a row, the Bell's Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike Challenge has sold out. What does that mean? Can you still sign up? How?

1. Iceman and his team run a heck of an event. It's super fun and as popular as ever.

2. Yes.

3. When you sign up at this point, if there are transfers available, you get in and someone else gets out. Just like that. Should the number of transfers get to 0, then your entry is held in a queue, and you are not charged, until one of the 4,000+ riders decides they can't make the party for one reason or another. When someone decides to get out, you get their entry and they get a refund. Minus a small fee, most of which goes to charity. We'll stop with the transfer madness Friday, October 12 at some point. Then we'll get cracking on wave seeding.

Graham C.

I cannot make the race unfortunately.  Is it too late to transfer my spot to another rider?

Chuck Grzanka

Shortly a raffle will be announced for free entries. You need only visit the website  and at the very back or last page fill out the "Contact Us" section with your info. Winners will be announced within a few days of the race start. So get packed. Enter. Be ready to join the fun that is ICEMAN day!!!!  

Stay tuned!! Good Luck. And above all else, BE SAFE


Charles Grzanka and

Scott E.

I am not riding and if I could figure out how to transfer my spot I would.


How long do transfers take? Registered today when it said 2 transfers were available and haven't received any confirmation.