Update Your Ice Society Info Now!

Why?  We asked our Search & Rescue Guru Roger Putman to explain the importance of this info to our search and rescue teams:

"When I was on the Navy’s sport parachute demonstration team, it was always the “unexpected” incident that made it necessary to react quickly and decisively. Lack of pre-jump preparation, casual equipment inspections and the absence of a thorough emergency plan could lead to very bad conclusions. Although we had our share of malfunctions and “what the hell” incidents, it was because we always because put safety and precaution first and foremost that none of these situations resulted in serious injury.....or worse yet, a ride in the back of a black Cadillac station wagon’.

That is why we are upgrading our Iceman protocol and safety measures to add your emergency contact information to the sticker on the back of your race number plate. If you are injured and in urgent need of medical response, it saves valuable time so our medical teams can efficiently and quickly ensure your treatment and transport if necessary.

So besides being prepared for the “unexpected”, dressing for severe weather, making sure you are hydrated and having a spare tire, chain kit, charged up cell phone and a complete toolkit, help us to help you by checking your emergency contact info on your Iceman Social account and by ensuring the sticker on the back of your plate is correct at packet pick-up. Have a safe and successful ride."

Thank you for helping us keep safety first.
Roger Putman – Bell’s Iceman Search & Rescue


HOW?  I can't find the emergency contact info under my profile settings.  Where are the directions to update this information?  Thx

Edgardo Reyes

Log in, click on you name then choose "edit profile". Emergency contact will be half way down the page.