Another great year in the books!  Looking forward to November 3, 2018!

Registration opens Friday March 2nd at 11:00 AM at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe.

Happy Trails!

Randy Zeeman

Great 2017 Iceman. Thank you to all of the volunteers and the spectators cheering on the riders

David Baron

Thank you ICEMAN team!  Special shout out to Denine who helped us with Registration.  We were in the Slush Cup again this year and had a great time!!!

Rob Fobar

First Iceman this year, had a great time and thanks to everyone who put this event together..........Great job!

Mark E Olen

Thanks, To all our organization support and  from spectators and medical teams they are the back Bone of the iceman we couldn't have not done it without them Thanks, for the support 

Doug Hoofman

Thank you to the Iceman Team.