Transfer spots still available for Bell's Iceman, deadline Friday the 13th.

The 2017 Bell's Beer Iceman Cometh Challenge has sold out again. We are looking forward to a great event and welcoming riders, new and veteran, to Traverse City. Here's a brief refresher on the transfer process.

New Rider (Attempting to transfer in)

  1. Join Ice Society
  2. Obtain a USA Cycling account (and add that to your profile). (A USA Cycling account is free and takes about 2 minutes to obtain. Go and in the upper-right corner look for the “sign-in” button. Choose “create account”. -You don’t need to purchase an annual license.)
  3. Sign up for the race, you're not actually signing up but joining the "I want in" list.
  4. Once an entry becomes available from the "I want out" list, we will send you an email and you will 24 HOURS TO COMPLETE the registration process. So be sure to check your email.

 (Transferring Out)

  1. Log in to your Ice Society profile
  2. Check the Gold "Transfer" button in your profile page. Your profile will then be listed on the transfer page of the Ice Society as with an entry to sell.
  3. You will receive an $80 credit (just like buying something, only you get $ back) when your entry is taken by another participant.

**Please note all money transactions for the transfer will be handled through the Ice Society and take a few days to process.

David Baron

Wish there was a way for me to delete my request for SlushCup entry but there is not.

I wanted to post an update then and comment that I NO longer am in need of a SlushCup Transfer entry.


David Baron

Hi SlushCup friends,  

I mistakenly thought that Rob had a SlushCup to transfer but he has Iceman instead.  

So if anyone has a SlushCup entry that they don't need please let me know.  I am trying to get my 13 year old son into the SlushCup to ride with me and his big brother.

Thank you!


David Baron

Hi Rob,

I am trying to get my son entered into the 12-14 year old category for Slush Cup 2017 and if you still have your entry available I would like to see if we can work out a transfer. 


Rob Olsen

I can't make the race due to surgery.  I know the 13th was the last day.  but if someone knows how to do it after the deadline you're welcome to my spot.     Rob Olsen

Ryan M.


So even if transfers are available, you can no longer transfer in since it's passed the 10/13??


Larry W.

Good question....I would like to hear the answer as well.....

thank you