• Bell's Iceman 30 Save the date.

    Bell's Iceman Cometh registration parties Plans are coming together for registration parties for the 30th edition of the Bell's Iceman Cometh. You only “pop a zero” every so often so we’re breaking out the party hats &...Read more
  • USA Cycling Deal

    Dear racers,  Last year at the Bell's Iceman Cometh you raced with us using a USA Cycling, one day event license. For many of you the Bell's Iceman may be your only event planned in 2019 but if you are like many of returning...Read more
  • Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge comes to 9&10 News Sunday at 2pm

    Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge comes to 9&10 News Sunday at 2pm

    On Sunday, December 2nd at 2 pm EST, television viewers in northern Michigan will get a chance to see what we experience every fall. 9&10 News will  repeat the special CBS Sports coverage of the Bell's Iceman Cometh...Read more
  • CBS Broadcast: Mark your Calendars for Nov. 25th @ 1pm EST

    CBS Broadcast: Mark your Calendars for Nov. 25th @ 1pm EST

    The 2018 Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge will be broadcast as a one-hour long television show on CBS Sports Network during Thanksgiving weekend at 1pm EST, on Sunday, November 25th. The telecast will then be repeated later in...Read more
  • Welcome our 2018 Pro Men!

    Welcome our 2018 Pro Men!

    It never gets old does it?  It's another great year of the men's best mountain bike racers coming to race for the title of Champion of the 2018 Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge.  It’s every man for himself out there.   Check...Read more
  • Welcome our 2018 Pro Women!

    Welcome our 2018 Pro Women!

    The Pro Women’s race is going fun to watch!  With neither 2017 1st or 2nd place finishers racing, the podium is wide open.  Plus we’ve got some new ladies that shouldn’t be overlooked.  This is going to be good folks!

    ...Read more
  • Bell's Iceman Entry Giveaway!

    Bell's Iceman Entry Giveaway!

    Missed your chance to enter the 2018 ICEMAN????? Our good friend Chuck Grzanka , cycling advocate, and CyclingLawyer.com are once again giving away several entries for the best race in the USA! Already entered? No worries....Read more
  • The Ten Commandments of Bell's Iceman

    The Ten Commandments of Bell's Iceman

    1. Thou shall race a clean, fair race.

    2. Thou shall be Courteous while racing. (Announce yourself when you pass.)

    3. Thou shall respect the Handicap Parking area at Timber Ridge for those who truly need it.

    4. Thou shall ONLY drink Bell’s Beer in the BISSELL Celebration Zone.

    5. Thou shall only pack dry clothes—no beer—in your clothing bags.

    6. Thou shall keep moving on the staircases over the course.

    7. Thou shall use the bike exit so you don’t have to drag your bike up the stairs.

    8. Thou shall update your Ice Society profile with Emergency Contact Info

    9. Thou shall support our Sponsors

    But most importantly…

    10. Thou shall Haul Ass and have a great race!

    ...Read more
  • Post Race Reminder: Food & Bell's Beer

    Timber Ridge has 13 food vendors for after the race. Bell's will also have 10 delicious beers on tap! 
    Plan on racing hard, then using the Team Bob shower trucks, changing into dry clothes, eat some good food, grab a delicious Bell's beer and wait for the most anticipated races all year...the SNOCONE and the Pros.  

    ...Read more
  • Sunset on the Season Party

    Sunset on the Season Party

    The Bell's Beer Sunset on the Season Party is where riders can finally take the gloves off. Relax and share stories with someone you've been battling all season or raise a glass of Two Hearted with Gary Fisher himself. You...Read more