Iceman Cometh Challenge
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November 8th, 2014

Iceman Start

Iceman Wave Start Times
Wave # Start Category
Wave 1 9:00:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 2 9:03:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 3 9:06:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 4 9:09:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 5 9:12:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 6 9:15:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 7 9:18:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 8 9:21:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 9 9:24:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 10 9:27:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 11 9:30:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 12 9:33:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 13 9:36:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 14 9:39:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 15 9:42:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 16 9:45:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 17 9:48:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 18 9:51:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 19 9:54:00 AM Unseeded Men 19-24, 25-27
Wave 20 9:57:00 AM Unseeded Men 28-29, 30-31
Wave 21 10:00:00AM Unseeded Men 32-33, 34
Wave 22 10:03:00 AM Unseeded Men 35, 36
Wave 23 10:06:00 AM Unseeded Men 37, 38
Wave 24 10:09:00 AM Unseeded Men 39, 40
Wave 25 10:12:00 AM Unseeded Men Singlespeeds 39 & Under, 40+, Lady Singlespeeds
Wave 26 10:15:00 AM Unseeded Men Clydesdales 39 & Under, Lady Clydesdales, Tandems
Wave 27 10:18:00 AM Unseeded Men Clydesdales 40+
Wave 28 10:21:00 AM Ice Bikes
Wave 29 10:24:00 AM Men 41, 42
Wave 30 10:27:00 AM Men 43, 44
Wave 31 10:30:00 AM Men 45, 46, 47
Wave 32 10:33:00 AM Men 48, 49, 50
Wave 33 10:36:00 AM Men 51-52, 53-54
Wave 34 10:39:00 AM Men 55-57, 58-60, 61-64, 65-69, 70+
Wave 35 10:42:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 36 10:45:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 37 10:48:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 38 10:51:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 39 10:54:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 40 10:57:00 AM Women 19-24, 25-29, 30-34
Wave 41 11:00:00 AM Women 35-39, 40-44
Wave 42 11:03:00 AM Women 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+
Wave 43 11:06:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 44 11:09:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 45 11:12:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 46 11:15:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 47 11:18:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 48 11:21:00 AM Seeded riders
Wave 49 11:30:00 AM MYC Men 17-18
Wave 50 11:33:00 AM MYC Men 15-16
Wave 51 11:36:00 AM MYC Women 17-18
Wave 52 11:39:00 AM MYC Women 15-16
Wave 53 11:42:00 AM MYC Men 12-14
Wave 54 11:45:00 AM MYC Women 12-14
Wave 55 2:30:00 PM Pro & Cat 1 Men
  2:33:00 PM Pro & Cat 1 Women

Starting Line

The 2009 start line in downtown Kalkaska proved to be a big hit with riders and spectators alike! Riders loved the new mile of pavement as it allowed everybody to spread out and find their rhythm before hitting the dirt. The Kalkaska start venue also provided more room for spectators to mill around and check out the exhibits, listen to local music, maybe buy a little maple syrup, or have breakfast at the Kiwanis Club’s Pancake Breakfast before their friends took off.

So the 2013 start line will be located in the exact same location at the corner of Walnut Street and 4th Street. Look for the starting corral on Walnut Street just west of the Municipal Parking Lot with the entrance to the corral located in the parking lot. Please no parking in the Municipal Lot on Saturday! PLEASE! No parking on Walnut Streetor Division Street as they are “on the race course.”

Kalkaska Middle School Parking

Please continue to park at the Middle School and High School parking lots and ride your bike to the start line (it’s only about 5 blocks from the schools to Walnut St). Kalkaska KPTA will be running shuttle buses to and from the start area all morning so spectators can easily get from the schools to downtown to see the start.

Start MapPLEASE! No parking on Walnut Street or Division Street as they are "on the race course."

Spectator Start Shuttle Buses

Ride the Kalkaska Trolley or one of KPTA’s buses to downtown. It is a quick 3 minute trip (but would be a 10 minute walk) and you’ll be dropped off right next to the staging corrals for the start. Pick-up the shuttles at both the High School and the Middle school and head to the start area in style! 

Start Times and Waves

Each wave will have ap proximately 80 riders (4,000 divided by 48 equals 83.3). Some may have a few more, some a few less. We will have almost 2 1/2 hours of starts! BE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH WAVE YOU ARE IN!!! Check the rider confirmation system for your start wave assignment beginning October 25th.Your wave assignment is also listed on the back of your number plate.


PLEASE STAGE ACCORDING TO YOUR WAVE. It is each and every rider’s responsibility to start in the correct wave. Once the first wave has started, ONLY the next wave will move up to the starting line.


Porta-johns will be located at the starting venue at the Kalkaska Municipal Parking lot AND at the Kalkaska Middle School. The units
will be placed along the south wall of the Middle School gymnasium so they will be easy to find and will be accessible from a number of
parking locations. For 2013 we have increased the number of units to 40 placed at both the Kalkaska Middle School and Municipal Parking
Lot locations, with four handicapped portajohns added to the mix at the start.

An Open Invitation to the Start Party in the Village of Kalkaska

Every race has two distinct and very important phases; the start and the finish. In the case of the Bell’s Beer Iceman Cometh Challenge, the finish of the race is at Timber Ridge near Traverse City and the start of the race is about 20 miles away in the Village of Kalkaska. In fact most of the participants and spectators will have already passed through Kalkaska on their way to the Grand Traverse Area.

The Village of Kalkaska in the County of Kalkaska is the “gateway and part of” the Grand Traverse Area. Over half of Kalkaska County is within the Pere Marquette State Forest and its recreational lakes, rivers and streams. During spring, summer and fall, the Pere Marquette State Forest supplies miles of mountain bike, hiking, motorized vehicle and horse trails full of the enchantment and color that only deep for- ests can provide. Winter snows open the Pere Marquette State Forest to snowmobile trails that seemingly go on forever. The Kalkaska area is truly a natural wonder of Michigan.

Once again, the Village of Kalkaska has a vibrant atmosphere being cooked up for the starting line in downtown Kalkaska. There will be refreshments, your favorite coffee, entertainment and much more. The Village of Kalkaska would like to welcome to all Icemen race participants, their families, and friends. Make yourself at home!

Everyone knows there's nothing like the smell of pancakes, eggs, sausage and coffee to get you going in the morning. And again this year, it will all be waiting for you within 100 feet from the start line. Be sure to pay a visit to the 2nd Annual Iceman Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast located inside the old village office building (your race packets will be handed out in the same building). The Kalkaska Kiwanis Club's primary service projects are to support children and community. All the proceeds from the Pancake Breakfast will help fund their efforts on these projects. The Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast is open to cyclists, supporters of the cyclists and our very own Kalkaska citizens and offers a great chance to meet some of the athletes!

The Village of Kalkaska is also excited to welcome the folks at Mighty Fine Coffee, who will be setting up a coffee tent at the Iceman start. Make sure you stop by and get yourself a warm drink to carry you through the morning, whether you're waiting for your race to start, or waiting to cheer on your loved one.

There will be more information in your packets about all of the activities in Kalkaska! Prior to the race, you can find out all about the festivities on the Village of Kalkaska website, Welcome to our community!