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November 8th, 2014

Meijer Slush Cup and Sno-Cone Races

21th Annual Meijer Slush Cup

"A half-frozen version of the Bell's Iceman"

The Meijer Slush Cup offers beginning cyclists the option of a shorter and more relaxed event than the Iceman. Approximately 8 miles long, the Meijer Slush Cup is perfect is perfect for riders who have the desire to race but lack training time or racing experience. Riders who haven't been able to ride as much as they'd like often opt for the Meijer Slush Cup.

Young riders race in two-year age categories rather than in skill or ability levels, which allows for better competition. The Meijer Slush Cup now starts and finishes at Timber Ridge. Open to youngsters and adult beginners only, the Meijer Slush Cup course follows the Vasa 10 Kilometer trail out, around and back. The Meijer Slush Cup course has moderate climbs, some screamer down hills, and is all on forest two track roads. The Meijer Slush Cup trail merges with the Iceman trail at the 4 mile mark. All Slushies will be headed to the finish line before the Iceman riders reach that section of trail.

Slushies share the last food station, Ice Station Zebra, with the Iceman riders. Ice Station Zebra is located at the 23 mile mark of the Iceman Course. Heed, cookies, apples, and bananas will be served.

Late arrivals may pick-up their Meijer Slush Cup packets in the big tent at Timber Ridge beginning at 7:30 AM on Saturday morning.

2014 Meijer Sno-Cone

"A half pint version of the Iceman"

The 2014 Iceman will once again host a kid's Meijer Sno-Cone race for youngsters 10 & under. Registration is only $5.00! All participants receive a medal, a bike number plate, stickers, and more!

The Meijer Sno-Cone will begin at 3:00 PM on Saturday, November 8th. Participants will be broken down into appropriate age categories and ability levels. The courses will consist of a short (1/4 mile) and relatively flat loop around Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort for the very youngest riders and up to a 1.5 mile course for older riders.

The only requirements are that the participants have an ANSI approved helmet and that their bike pass a safety inspection. Registration is $5.00 but pre-registration is required! Register online will be available through the USA Cycling website (  All the Sno-Cone entry fees collected will be donated to three non-profit organizations supporting youth cycling programs:

  1. The Kiwanis Club of Kalkaska is working on creating their own version of the Meijer Sno-Cone that will take place in Kalkaska in conjunction with Bell’s Beer Iceman festivities in Kalkaska. Exact details are still being worked out so look for more information in future emails, Facebook updates and Twitter postings.
  2. Steve Kinley is the driving force behind the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association which works to establish and maintain safe, quality scholastic cycling programs. Getting cycling into schools has been Steve’s mission for the past few years so he has created MiSCA in order to provide support to schools and organizations wishing to establish scholastic cycling clubs and teams. This year MiSCA has five events scheduled this fall. For more information about MiSCA check out their website at
  3. Thomas Fish is another passionate cyclist who has created a cycling ministry, The Motion Initiative, in Grand Rapids. The Motion Initiative is an organization working to facilitate adventure, freedom, and hope, through the gateway of cycling, to the inner city youth of Grand Rapids. Thomas says, “When we think back through history, chains were often used for oppression. We believe that God can use bikes, and chains, to change people’s lives...the irony of a chain leading to freedom!” Learn more about The Motion Initiative at

If you're going to watch ONE event during Iceman, it has to be the Meijer Sno-Cone races for children 10 and under! These races have it all, high speeds, crashes, heroics as fallen riders climb back on their bikes to finish, and even pink handlebar streamers!

2014 Sno-Cone Groups
Group 1 Girls 4 & Under
Group 2 Boys 4 & Under
Group 3 Girls 5 - 7
Group 4 Boys 5 - 7
Group 5 Girls 8 & Over
Group 6 Boys 8 & Over

Everyone who comes back to Timber Ridge to watch the end of the professional races had better plan on arriving a bit early to catch some of the fiercest racing of the day. In fact, the loudest cheers of the day definitely occur during the Meijer Sno-Cone as the cacophony of noise follows the young riders throughout Timber Ridge Resort. Every single girl and boy in the Meijer Sno-Cone receives a huge ovation from the crowd. Usually reserved spectators bang on the coreplast signs, ring their cowbells, and scream encouragement for these young athletes. Just be sure to rest your voice so you can be sure to cheer on the future of mountain bike racing.