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November 8th, 2014

Bell's Beer Sunset on the Season Party

The Bell’s Beer Sunset on the Season Party is where many riders can finally take the gloves off. You may be sharing a story with a guy that you’ve been battling all season long or raising a glass of Two Hearted Ale with Gary Fisher himself. You’ve got a 54 year old first year Iceman rider sitting on a stool next to current and past National Champions Stephen Ettinger, and Todd Wells. Perhaps a Canadian or a U.S. olympian is drinking from the Ice trophy or a Tour de France rider is letting out some long season stress and steam on the dance floor.

Heck, with the talent and energy hard working Detroit rockers The Orbitsuns (check out their bio online) deliver to The Loading Dock, it’s impossible not to have a blast. These guys have sort of become the Godfathers of MTB rock. And when they hit the crowd with the MTB race anthem, “Haul Ass”, it is the icing on the cake to what has already been a fantastic day.

In a sport that tends to bring out one’s ego and selfishness, on this night, it’s all set aside. Everyone is equal. Results, categories and status just do not matter. In the end we are all there to celebrate life and the beautiful sport of mountain biking. More important, MICHIGAN mountain biking. MICHIGAN beer. And, MICHIGAN music